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Most women have probably pinned their dream bikinis on Pinterest once or twice through out the summer and winter months.

If you’re looking for celebrities inspiration, they are going for the one-piece swimsuits. Women always worry about looking good in a bikini, but sometimes showing less is more.  Celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner are all on the one-piece bandwagon.

Styling comes in both resort wear and summer wear. Whether you are petite, athletic or have an hourglass figure, there are flattering summer pieces for everyone. If you want to stand out on the beach, try mixing pastels and metallics because they compliment each other believe it or not. For example, rose gold with pink or silver with cool tone colours. With prints, you can mix different sizes of stripes in separates.

Here’s the thing, what is an outfit without the perfect pair of shoes to match?

For this season flats are the answers to everything. Go for the ease and the simplicity. If you love to accessorize you can always add a finishing touch with a piece or two of really fun beach ready jewelry. Stay chic and rock the architectural shaped statement making pieces and nothing beaded or dangling.

There will always be a ton of tricks to make your legs look longer and make your waist look smaller, but perhaps it’s not about how we look but how we feel when we wear the right pieces that gives us the confidence.

What is a vacation without hitting the hot spot. What is your dream vacation?

There are holiday homes, islands, hotels and pools. Some people stress of being away from home and not having that home comfort feeling. Around the world, there are summer dreaming places that can accommodate your white sand and palm trees fantasy from Maldives and Capri, to Tulum and Santorini.

Have a big family? You can still enjoy your holiday renting villas in different locations, styles and experience whole another possibility in adventurous style.
So, pack up and set off into the horizon and live in the moment of sun-drenched hotspots of summer 2015!


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