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One of the hugest trends right now is Kimono, the perfect accessory for the beach or to compliment a beautiful dress.

How ever Kimono’s didn’t just come out of no where, they have been around for quiet a long time, and are a Japanese traditional garment, here’s a  few fun facts on the latest fashion trend.

Kimono’s have been around in Japan as early as 5th Century AD, how ever they became fashionable amongst women in the 8th century and it all stuck from there.
Did you know the word “Kimono”, means a thing to wear? (“Ki” means wear and “Mono” means thing).
Also, Kimono’s use to be worn by women on special occasions and they have a different Kimono for single women versus married women.
Since 1867 the basic shape of men and women’s Kimonos have stayed the same.
Now that we have covered a little history of the Kimono, it’s time you check out our modern take on this beautiful piece.

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Buy it here.

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